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Theseus Maritime (TM) is a full-service maritime consulting firm that offers strategic advisory, consulting, and ship finance services to clients worldwide. 

TM has offices and international representations in London, Oslo, and Athens. It serves shipowners, shipbrokers, shipping investors, managers, and agents of all sizes worldwide, involved with Tankers, Dry Bulk, Liners and Offshore. 

Our team has held leadership positions in the wider shipping industry and comprises of experienced professionals with expertise on a broad array of markets.

We work together as one firm to serve our clients whenever and wherever they need us. 

We serve the following markets: North America (Canada & U.S.A.), Asia-Pacific, Middle East, South Asia, and the European Union.

Ship Finance


We provide solutions, advise and assist with equity funding, debt funding, bonds, finance leases, operating leases, loans, and securitisation. Our advice and tools includes ship finance, leasing, corporate structures, tax planning, S&P, equity, joint ventures, registrations, new builds, defaulting loans, and insurance.

Strategic Advisory


Our advisory services are not limited to structuring, tax planning, and finance. We advise and offer solutions on: design work (conversion of vessels), navigation solutions, SOLAS MARPOL and IACS requirements, security (inc. anti-piracy), and new technologies (tracking, mobile apps, etc).

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